OVER 200mph in My Ferrari SF90! Autobahn Drive to Denmark | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 23

Added on 24 Apr 2022

The Shmeemobiles


My Ferrari SF90 Stradale is unleashed on the Autobahn! With a 500 mile (750km) journey ahead of us, that means a lot of time on the de-restricted German motorways and plenty of opportunity for the SF90 to breeze over 200mph!

After an amazing stop in the Eifel Mountains and laps at the Nurburgring with all 3 of the Shmeemobiles; Brad and Tony shared their journey to @The Shmuseum with the Huracan STO and now it's our turn to continue with both of the Ferraris to Denmark. Naturally there will be a visit and update ahead on the Road to Zenvo TSR-S, plus plenty more in the area to visit. However, the SF90 is a terrifyingly fast car; boasting 1,000hp from the hybrid powertrain including a 4.0l TT V8 and 3 electric motors. Not only does it have the power, but it's exceptionally easy to use and get it moving fast as discovered during this long journey on the open sections of the Autobahn. Fast forward hours of roadworks and traffic, eventually the roads open up and give it an opportunity to stretch up to 206mph (331km/h), approaching the claimed top speed of 211mph (340km/h), but the reality is that it can clearly go beyond that. Stay tuned for what's coming from Denmark!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:21 Luggage Problems
01:50 Journey Begins from Nurburg
05:08 Autobahn Begins
08:28 Passing Manhart
10:26 Open Road
16:14 Traffic Jams in Hamburg
17:42 Back to Derestricted
20:17 Arriving in Denmark
21:46 End of the Day
22:42 Outro
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Episode titleOVER 200mph in My Ferrari SF90! Autobahn Drive to Denmark | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 23
Episode number1
Date added24 April 2022
Run time23:08
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