REACTIONS TO THE FIREFLY! Crazy and Chaotic Car Spotting in London

Added on 16 May 2022

The Shmeemobiles


Join me for a drive in London with the Firefly; the final ever Lotus Elise Cup 250 Final Edition, the latest arrival at @The Shmuseum! Chaos awaits, both the reaction of people to the luminous colour, as well as the cars including a Sian, LFA and 918, plus some sketchy driving... We're already at 400 miles on this super special Lotus, the final Elise Cup 250 ever, in this unique Luminous Orange (RAL 2005) 14-layer paint. However, one things that's been intriguing is what would the public make of it, how would people react to seeing something quite so hilariously bold and it turns out it causes quite a stir.

However, things quickly turn more into a car spotting outing with the streets lined with amazing supercars including a highlight trio of the Lamborghini Sian, Porsche 918 Spyder and a Lexus LFA. That's not all though, chaos seems to quickly arrive with some modified cars on London's famous Sloane Street. Home to upmarket shops and cafes, the area is bustling with supercars on a regular basis, including the aforementioned trio. On this particular day, it also becomes the centre of a car meet with some 'interesting' driving on show - perhaps not best suited to the city centre... Regardless, the response to the Lotus was spectacular and half the fun of having it, to share the experience and feeling with others along the way. So, thank you to the owner for the continued enjoyment! Thanks for watching.


Episode titleREACTIONS TO THE FIREFLY! Crazy and Chaotic Car Spotting in London
Episode number1
Date added16 May 2022
Run time29:49
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