REUNITED! Any Problems with My Shelby GT500 After Leaving it so Long?

Added on 1 Feb 2022

The Shmeemobiles


I'm back in Miami, and of course that means back with my Shelby GT500! At almost exactly one year old, and just shy of 6 months since I last drove it, let's see how it's held up before heading over to @Prestige Imports - Miami to check out the hypercars at the showroom.

I bought the Shelby GT500 after I found this stunning Grabber Lime example with Carbon Fiber Track Pack via Auto Tempest almost exactly 12 months ago. It was delivered to me at Ikonick Motors before we went over to First Class Autosports to install SunTek Reaction PPF and the Altered Black PPF racing stripes. After driving it across country and building some epic memories during the first few months it was parked up until I drove it again last August during a visit, but since then it's been in hibernation and it's time to get it back out.

There's something about this brute of an American muscle car, it will be a permanent member of the Shmeemobiles and as I've often said I will eventually bring it over to the UK but for now at least it's always a delight to touch down in Miami and immediately have it ready to go. However, after being parked for so long, invariably there are a few issues and things that we need to check up on including the tire (tyre) pressures and getting it filled back up at the gas station.

That's not all though, let's head over to Prestige Imports, Pagani Miami, to take a look around at their extraordinary stock and display including 6 different Pagani Huayras and 2 Bugattis amongst others in the showroom. Plus they also have the Huayra L'Ultimo sat on a Fahrengold Carpad, which is something I'm considering for the halo space back at @The Shmuseum.


Episode titleREUNITED! Any Problems with My Shelby GT500 After Leaving it so Long?
Episode number1
Date added1 February 2022
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