The $1.5m FORGOTTEN FERRARI?! My First Drive in the 599 SA Aperta

Added on 10 Mar 2022

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Forgotten by many, this is the 599 SA Aperta! Join me at The Space DXB for a full experience to take it all in; from the V12 sound track with the roof open, to even showing the process to attach it. No question, it's quickly one of my favourite Ferraris ever!

Officially, Ferrari only made 80 of the car that was launched to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Pininfarina and named SA in connection to Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, with Aperta being the Italian word for Open. Unofficially that number is in excess of 130 cars, featuring the engine of the 599 GTO; the 6.0l V12 making 670cv, with bodywork more akin to that of the 'regular' 599 GTB.

However, the big difference for the SA Aperta is of course the open top and therefore a transformation of the driving experience, and having never previously driven one that's exactly what it's all about thanks to The Space DXB. With the manual roof mechanism removed, there is an aural symphony like no other thanks to exhaust tricks borrowed from the unrestricted 599 XX. After looking over the car let's head out for a drive, before returning to give the roof installation a go and see if it's as awkward as it looks.


Episode titleThe $1.5m FORGOTTEN FERRARI?! My First Drive in the 599 SA Aperta
Episode number1
Date added10 March 2022
Run time25:24
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