The FIRST Road Trip in My Lamborghini Huracan STO! | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 1

Added on 19 Mar 2022

The Shmeemobiles


Road trip time! It's the first big adventure for my Lamborghini Huracan STO and Ferrari GTC4Lusso, setting off for the 2022 Where's Shmee Eurotour with the first leg to Brussels. However, there are plenty of reasons why this might not be the most suitable car for it!

The major challenge when heading on an adventure with the STO is the distinct lack of any luggage space. With only the tiniest compartment up front, it will barely fit more than the instruction books and Ctek smart charger and hence the only way to manage more than one day going somewhere is to have some luggage in a second car - and the GTC4Lusso is perfect for that purpose.

Given we're heading to Italy, as a certain 1,000hp hybrid supercar from Maranello might be waiting (more on that later), it makes complete sense to bring my other 2 Italian cars from the Shmeemobiles down to the heartland of supercars and the home of both Lamborghini and Ferrari.

As in previous years, the Where's Shmee tour involves a number of the cars from the collection, over various different legs, including some flights and crazy logistics back and forth. Along the way there will be test drives, first looks, collection visits, updates on the cars, factory visits, and so much more. And of course, the very exciting collection of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale from the factory in Maranello!

After getting prepared at @The Shmuseum and loading up all the luggage to the Lusso, we're off on the road towards the Eurotunnel and the crossing over to France. After the short ride it's then full steam ahead to Belgium and ultimately into Brussels for our first check point to follow. Stay tuned for a big adventure to come!


Episode titleThe FIRST Road Trip in My Lamborghini Huracan STO! | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 1
Episode number1
Date added19 March 2022
Run time21:12
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