THIS IS A FIRST! The Three Solarbeam AMG Black Series Together

Added on 6 Mar 2022

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We made this happen! An exclusive trio with the full AMG Solarbeam line-up of the GT, SLS and C63 - there's nowhere else in the world this could happen!

However, the focus today is on the Solarbeam SLS AMG Black Series, the very same car in fact that I registered to bid on at an auction in 2019 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From The Space, we set off with the SLS BS and my GT Black Series, with the destination of the desert to meet up with @fa9ool63 and his C63 Black Series that I also filmed back just two weeks after that SLS auction.

Those two occasions were certainly part of my desire to make my GT Black Series in the same colour, and hence when that was not an option from the factory I went to respray it and have it in my perfect choice. No doubt you are wondering if the colours are identical, and after further digging into it later on; both the SLS and GT are exactly the same, and the C is slightly more golden - but very, very slightly.

This makes sense as when we sprayed the GT BS there was an option of "AMG Solarbeam" or "AMG Solarbeam 2013" which presumably means that they updated the colour slightly for the SLS Black Series, so they were never exactly the same to begin with. It's therefore ideal that having chosen the 2014 variant, it matches my GT Black Series perfectly - good job Chartwell! The line-up of the 3 cars in the desert is certainly something to behold, and I'm over the moon for being able to make it work. Be sure to check out


Episode titleTHIS IS A FIRST! The Three Solarbeam AMG Black Series Together
Episode number1
Date added6 March 2022
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