THIS is Why I Replaced My EV With a V12! How Green Are Electric Cars?

Added on 21 Feb 2022

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I've recently swapped from my Porsche Taycan EV to a Ferrari GTC4Lusso with a V12, but why? The numbers behind electric cars aren't necessarily all they seem, so what does this mean, and what's the reality of what happens next?

We're shifting towards electric whether we like it or not, so understanding more about what this means has been my objective for a while. The Taycan has been a fantastic first start for me, and I have one, if not two EVs inbound in the future, but recently Volvo launched a study for the XC40 ICE and XC40 Recharge to directly compare the impacts and the results have been very surprising.

Studying the entire process from mining raw materials, through assembly, to delivery the car to a customer of a car that will cover approximately 200,000km (124,000 miles) gave Volvo some surprising numbers currently. The world of electric is rapidly improving for sure, and the emissions cost of manufacturing will improve, but so could combustion engines if given the opportunity. There are countless benefits and there's on question about that, but there's a lot of murky middle ground information that isn't necessarily what we instinctively think.

While this will no doubt be a controversial amongst both Teslarati and Petrolheads, but the intention is to be food for thought, something to get us thinking about how green EV cars actually are for the world.

We could discuss at length topics like:

- more battery plants being built, means less global shipping

- taxes and fees on EV charging to come

- preserving high-end collectible cars versus regular daily cars

- moving emissions out of city centres

But this is a start, and interested to hear your thoughts!


Episode titleTHIS is Why I Replaced My EV With a V12! How Green Are Electric Cars?
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Date added21 February 2022
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