Why is My Shelby GT500 ILLEGAL in Europe?!

Added on 12 Feb 2022

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The Shelby GT500 is not sold in Europe, but does that make it illegal? We're on an adventure to the Southernmost point of the Continental US in Key West, FL, and discussing why the GT500 isn't available in the UK, and what I will need to do to import it.

The Shelby GT500 is the most brutal factory Ford Mustang, and a model that is not available officially in the UK or Europe for a host of reasons. However, that often causes confusion with people thinking that means it would be illegal to have in the UK at all, but that's not actually the case. Homologation, and private import, are different topics and very complicated.

For Ford to directly sell it from dealers, it would need to pass various homologation tests including emissions, sound, bodywork, lights and more, which would be a problem for this car. However, there are processes for most countries that enable the private individual import of a car, and the UK operates exactly this way as I did for both my Ford GT and SLS AMG Black Series. This means that a number of things will have to be changed in order to register it, but these are all things that can thankfully be done fairly easily when the time comes.

When exactly will that be? When am I going to bring the GT500 home to The Shmuseum? The plan at the moment is to be in the USA for the time of the Miami F1 and Gumball 3000 in May, then after that trip, to ship it over to London and go from there. Let's see if anything changes beforehand, but it will be amazing to have it finally with my GT and Heritage RS!


Episode titleWhy is My Shelby GT500 ILLEGAL in Europe?!
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Date added12 February 2022
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