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Onboard: Derek Bell takes the 962 around Monza

03:57Paddock action

Introduction of teams and drivers - qualifying results


Ricardo Patrese and Lancia team manager Cesare Fiorio


Johnathan Palmer after qualifying


Peter Falk talks about Lancia


Hans Stuck shares his thoughts


Alessandro Nannini gets pranked during interview

14:05Paddock action

Qualifying results


Lancia leads at the start

24:23Race action

The race starts to heat up

29:53Race action

Race update


Battle for second

34:30Race action

The Canon Porsche lost a wheel

35:22Pit garage action

The Canon Porsche comes in for a new wheel - first round of pitstops

38:28Pit garage action

Jesús Pareja comes in smoking

41:03Race action

Jacky Ickx is up into second


Marc Surer explains the clash with Mauro Baldi

42:23Off-track action

Bob Wollek and Jochen Mass have a chat

42:38Pit garage action

Teams wait for drivers to come in

43:11Pit garage action

Second round of pitstops

47:06Race action

Heavy winds fill the track with leaves

47:30Pit garage action

Update on Group C2

49:43Pit garage action

Third round of pitstops

52:14Pit garage action

The pitstops continue

54:27Pit garage action

Final pitstops but news comes in that a tree is blocking the track


Derek Bell explains the track conditions

55:43Race stopped

Red flags are out

56:12Off-track action

Marshals get rid of the tree


Johnathan Palmer and Hans Stuck talk about the incident

57:55Off-track action

Cars crushed by trees


Post-race interviews: Marc Surer

1985: World Sports Car - Monza

Added on 6 Mar 2018

Duke Classics - Sportscar


Horsepower the average motorist could barely contemplate, circuits where he could not achieve 100 miles an hour for even a few moments... This is the awesome task faced by the world's leading endurance car crews as they raced through eleven rounds and the world's top circuits for hours on end during the 1985 World Championship. The fatigue, the drama, the tension and the tragedy are all here in this magnificent video depicting one of the toughest rounds - Monza. Brilliant camerawork ensures a ringside seat, while the in-car cameras of the Rothmans Porsche team together with driver comments really puts you in the thick of the action!


Episode title1985: World Sports Car - Monza
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