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1987: World Sports Car Norisring

Added on 27 Aug 2018

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The sixth round of the 1987 Sports-Prototype Championship was a flat out, 'ten-tenths' blast at the concrete-wall-lined Norisring circuit. The Tom Walkinshaw Jaguars wanted to give themselves a morale boost with victory over the two 78-lap races. Jan Lammers and John Watson were one of the Jaguar pairings. The other Silk Cut duo was Eddie Cheever and Paul Boesel. Against them was the factory Porsche of Derek Bell and Hans-Joachim Stuck. Further opposition came from Bob Wollek and Klaus Ludwig in the Joest Racing Porsche, and Massimo Sigala and Jochen Mass in the Brun Motorsport version. This video captures all the excitement and action.


Episode title1987: World Sports Car Norisring
Episode number17
Date added27 August 2018
Original date19 March 2018
Run time1:01:37
CategoryRacing coverage
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