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Overview of the decade

03:31Race action

1980 Le Mans highlights

05:56Race action

1981 Le Mans highlights

07:44Race action

1982 Silverstone highlights

09:24Race action

1982 Spa highlights

10:08Race action

1982 Brands Hatch highlights


Onboard with Derek Bell at the Nürburgring in 1983 (full lap)

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1983 Nürburgring highlights

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1984 Silverstone highlights

16:58Race action

1984 Le Mans highlights

18:53Race action

1984 Sandown highlights


Fires in the pits at Hockenheim 1985

20:56Race action

1985 Mosport highlights

22:13Race action

1985 Spa highlights

22:56Heavy crash

Stefan Bellof's fatal crash

23:40Race action

1985 Fuji and Malaysia highlights

24:30Race action

1986 Silverstone highlights


John Egan, chairman of Jaguar

25:38Race action

1986 Nürburgring highlights

26:47Race action

1986 Fuji highlights


Derek Bell on his championship hopes

28:33Race action

1986 Fuji highlights

29:17Race action

1987 Jarama highlights

30:08Race action

1987 Jerez, Monza and Silverstone highlights

31:32Race action

1987 Le Mans highlights

33:01Race action

1987 Brands Hatch and Nurburgring highlights


Eddie Cheever for Jaguar

34:32Race action

1987 Spa highlights

34:55Race action

1988 Jerez highlights

37:09Race action

1988 Silverstone highlights

37:29Race action

1988 Le Mans highlights

41:56Heavy crash

1988 Brno and Brands Hatch highlights

42:49Race action

1988 Spa and Fuji highlights

43:30Race action

1989 Suzuka highlights

44:10Race action

1989 Dijon highlights

45:30Race action

1989 Brands Hatch highlights

47:55Race action

1989 Nürburgring highlights

50:49Race action

1989 Donington highlights

51:57Heavy crash

Antoine Salamin and Patrick Tambay collide in practice at Mexico

52:22Race action

1989 Mexico highlights

53:11Race action

1990 Monza highlights

54:13Race action

1990 Silverstone highlights

55:04Race action

1989 Donington and Montreal highlights

57:43Race action

1990 Mexico highlights

Sportscar Racing Of The Decade

Added on 31 Dec 1990

Duke Classics - Sportscar


Join us for a review of Sportscar racing of the decade (1980-1990.) We look at the rise of Jaguar and other manufacturers through the years as well as intense battles we saw with the group C racing giants with the iconic Silk Cut Jaguars and Porsche 956.


Episode titleSportscar Racing Of The Decade
Episode number3
Date added31 December 1990
Run time59:32
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