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Tour de Corse 1985

Added on 27 Aug 2018

Duke Classics - World Rally


Comprehensive review of the Tour de Corse (Corsican Rally) 1985. The longest stage rally in the world provided a second win in four years for Jean Ragnotti in his debut in the Renault Maxi 5 Turbo. In an event favouring the French teams, he led from start to finish to romp in over 20 minutes clear. This film brings out vividly the terrific pace of the all-tarmac event and shows the highly-developed World Championship in its colourful and devastatingly fast presentation.


ChannelDuke Classic Videos
ProgramDuke Classics - World Rally
Episode titleTour de Corse 1985
Episode number18
Date added27 August 2018
Original date4 May 1985
Run time53:54
CategoryRacing coverage
Related racing seriesFIA World Rally Championship

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