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Tour De Corse 1988


Duke Classics - World Rally


1988 looked to be a year of total domination for Lancia Martini. The Lancia team had won every round of the manufacturers' series since the 1987 Acropolis, but their greatest strength was on loose surfaces - not Corsica's many tarmac stages. The cameras were present every step of the way as Yves Loubst and Bruno Saby fought to maintain a record the envy of the other top teams, knowing that in Corsica the BMW M3 had been quicker than the Delta in 1987, and a much improved Ford Sierra Cosworth - an extremely rapid device on tarmac - was debuting at the '88 event, driven by Didier Auriol. This exciting video captures the full inside story of a classic midseason confrontation.

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Episode title:Tour De Corse 1988
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