The 3 Banned 6-Wheeled F1 Cars

Added on 16 Sept 2020

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Unless it's a Reliant Robin or broken, cars tend to have 4 wheels, and the same goes for F1 cars... 99% of the time. Jump back to the late 80s and Tyrrell unveiled it's P34, the first "6-wheeler" F1 car, and caused a storm with the potentials this new innovation could unlock. It wasn't long before it was banned, but this didn't stop other teams trying to find loopholes though, and in the 6th episode of Banned, Jake Boxall-Legge take a look at 3 times we saw 6-wheeled F1 cars, both on the track and behind closed doors.


Episode titleThe 3 Banned 6-Wheeled F1 Cars
Episode number573
Date added16 September 2020
Run time8:34
CategoryRacing coverage
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